Τhe actions to be taken for the success story of Thessaloniki’s Cruise Tourism were examined at the Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. (THPA) in a meeting of several bodies of the city with the participation of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization President and Vice-Governor of Thessaloniki Metropolitan Unity, Mrs. Voula Patoulidou.

    Apart from the President and CEO of the THPA, Mr. Sotiris Theofanis, the rest that participated in the meeting where the newly elected Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, the Vice-Governor of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alexandros Thanos and the General Director of the Marseille-Provence Cruise Terminal, Mr. Jacques Missoni. The latter presented data regarding the demand for the cruise and the actions that were made by Marseille, one of the most important cruise ports in the Mediterranean Sea, and the collaborations that have been raised from it.

    The participants reported an upward trend on Cruise worldwide. Mr. Missoni insisted that their success was due to a very specific element. That is the participation and involvement of all bodies, as he has observed happening to our city, as well. In Marseille there were making decisions and each body carried out the tasks assigned to it.

    If something similar happens to Thessaloniki, the city will be a station for cruise in the SE Mediterranean and the Aegean, combining the touristic advantages that the Central Macedonia and the Northern Greece has to show.