Thessaloniki Tourism Organization adds value to the branding of the city with a brand-new video


    Motion tracking and visual effects, introduce graphics and 3D models in the new advertising spot, recently released by Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, that was created with the aim of increasing the brand awareness of the city.

    The philosophy of Thessaloniki, a city full of stories that float in time and compose a rich mosaic of culture, history, tastes and experiences is depicted in a graceful and modern way composing “Many Stories One Heart”.

    From the very first moments of the digital promotion of the spot in more than 10 countries (target markets) the growing interest in the city on social media and the city’s official website  is already obvious.

    The city is moving forward and focuses on digital campaigns.

    For this reason, Thessaloniki Tourism Organization chooses the content marketing strategy, creating high quality audiovisual material that can multiply the message.