Thessaloniki to Become First Colorblind-friendly Destination in Greece



    Thessaloniki is set to become the first city in Greece to adopt the ColorADD system for people with color blindness, aiming to ensure equal access to tourism activities and everyday life for all its residents and visitors.

    During a press conference that took place online on Tuesday, the President of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization (TTO) Voula Patoulidou presented the benefits of the ColorADD system and announced the organization’s plans to adopt the code in a number of tourism activities and applications.

    “Greece will be the first city in Greece to ‘open’ the world of information to people with color blindness in collaboration with the Laboratory of Adapted Physical Activity, Developmental and Physical Disabilities of the Athens University and Portugal’s ColorADD organization,” she said during the press event.

    Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, in the context of corporate social responsibility initiatives, after the city guides in Braille code and the opportunity it gave to visually impaired people to browse the portal of the organization, adopts the ColorADD system for people with color blindness.

    According to Patoulidiou, TTO’s executives and staff will be trained accordingly in order to be able to provide colorblind people with essential information on the city and its tourism offerings by using the ColorADD system.