“Tourism is not just an enterprise, but a way of living”, says Mrs Voula Patoulidou at the Bulgarian TV.


    The Greek crises, the concerns of young people, the tourism of Thessaloniki and the touristic businesses were “detected” by the show #Europe of the Bulgarian National Television with a reportage and interviews in Thessaloniki.

    The crew of the show, Τheodora Gateva and Vladimir Bogdansky that work on current issues of the EU, focused on the development of the region via tourism. They chose the White Tower and the “Kapani”, the old market of the city, to present topics that consider Greeks and Bulgarians, young people, tourists and professionals of tourism, essential for the European citizens and their future.

    The TV show #Europe is being broadcasted every Sunday afternoon. At the show had been hosted representatives of tourism enterprises of the east coast of Thermaikos gulf and of the Greek Exporters Association of Northern Greece, as well as, the Vice-Governor of the Metropolitan Unity of Thessaloniki – President of the Tourism Organization, Voula Patoulidou.

    Mrs. Patoulidou commented to the profile of the Bulgarian tourists – as it was shown by recent researches – noting that most visitors come to Thessaloniki to have fun, 35% to participate on conferences, meetings or exhibitions and 15% to visit friends or relatives.

    “I will not talk about difficulties but about challenges”, Mrs. Patoulidou stresses in her interview, referring to the tourism of Thessaloniki. “Our main challenge is to respond to the new trend on global tourism. Now tourists choose smart destinations and they want intensive experiences during their trip. Our main task is to win the “smart tourists” challenge, because Thessaloniki has “many stories to tell them”. Greeks can narrate stories and people from all over the world come back every summer, regardless the crisis…”