The well-known travel Vlogger Manos Lianopoulos presents Thessaloniki… differently!


    Manos Lianopoulos (, the popular Greek YouTuber and travel Vlogger, was invited to Thessaloniki to present…” Thessaloniki of the past!”.
    Tripment is known to public for the unique videos he uploads to his YouTube channel and his descriptions on, where he shares his exciting experiences, challenging the viewer to explore even his own city.
    During the filming, Manos was guided to the city by Mr. Konstantinos Sfikas, who showed him around hidden places and unknown stories of historical corners of Thessaloniki.
    The deep history and multiculturalism of Thessaloniki have transformed Thessaloniki in what it is today; a city full of colors, aromas and flavors.
    Through the eyes of Manos, Thessaloniki becomes a “known” unknown city, even for the locals, challenging them to get to know it better.
    During his four-day trip in the city, after the invitation of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization and the hosting of the Colors Urban Hotel, he managed to create a unique video with a modern aspect of a place with a solid past like that of Thessaloniki.