The port of Thessaloniki becomes home port for large cruise companies


    Τhe port of Thessaloniki is now a critical hub for the successful resumption of cruising in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean as Celestyal Cruises strengthens its presence in Northern Greece with 30 approaches to the Thessaloniki in 2022 and 40 in 2023.

    At the same time, according to information available to, other companies are turning their attention to Thessaloniki. It is reported that Celebrity Cruises with the Celebrity Constellation will dock at Thessaloniki twice in 2022, something that Silversea Cruises will do with its own cruise ship.

    The strategy of Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, a founding member of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, for the development of the cruise industry, so that Thessaloniki becomes a homeporting base, and an ideal cruise destination bears fruit, reports the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization.

    The decision of Celestyal Cruises to visit Thessaloniki with 30 dockings in 2022 and 40 in 2023 is only the beginning, the announcement also notes.

    Thessaloniki is the gateway for Northern Greece and the neighboring Balkan markets as it gathers a large percentage of air transport in its recently completely renovated and modern airport, according to the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization.