Eastern Walls – Rampart – White Tower

Eastern Walls – Rampart – White Tower

Descending towards the sea and via Filikis Etairias Street, you will meet the White Tower, at the end of the main walls and parts of the rampart, which rise at the confluence of the marine to the terrestrial wall.

The White Tower, the emblem of Thessaloniki, which dominates the port area, was built in late 15th century, as the south-east tower of the city’s fortification. It is an imposing six-storey, cylinder shaped structure, with 22.70 meters in diameter and 33.90 in height. During its course over the centuries, it changed names and operations multiple times. Kalamaria Fortress, Tower of Yenitsaroi, Tower of Blood, were some of these, the latter two due to its use as a prison for serious convicts, executed by Yenitsaroi, with its façade frequently covered in blood during these executions. The name “White Tower” finally prevailed when a prisoner offered to paint it with whitewash, to gain his freedom. The Tower also used for the city’s air defense, as the allies’ transmission center during the 1st World War, as a safe keeping place for the antiquities unearthed by the British Army in 1916, as a Meteorology Laboratory by the University of Thessaloniki and as the Sea Scouts’ headquarters. It currently operates as a Museum offering a journey to the city’s history, from the time of its foundation, up until now.

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