Throughout the turbulent history of Thessaloniki, some pages have been imprinted with military, political, national and international struggles. Over the years, Thessaloniki fought, was liberated, participated, resisted and eventually displayed all the memoirs from the battlefields at the local War Museums and military cemeteries, one of which is the military necropolis of the Balkan Peninsula.

The war map of these routes includes and revives the Struggle of Macedonian Fighters, the places and conditions of the negotiations leading to the liberation of Thessaloniki in 1912, the Balkan Wars and the city’s contribution to World War I & II. During World War I, thousands of soldiers were transported to the allied forces of Entente via Thessaloniki’s vital port. French, British, Serbs, Italians and Russians formed the multi-national Eastern Command, based in Thessaloniki and launched the attacks at the Macedonian Front. The traces from World War II conflicts to Cyprus’ involution in 1974 complete the city’s rich history. Honoring the war heroes, as well as showing the appropriate respect to the enemies, the war chronicles of Thessaloniki shed light on their individual stories and invite you on a special trip down to memory lane. 

Museum of Macedonian Struggle

The richest collection of memorabilia and tokens from the time of Macedonian Struggle, aiming to preserve and spread the memory of Greek Fights for the liberation of Macedonia, especially the…
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War museum of Thessaloniki

It contains more than 10,000 memorabilia that reconstruct the modern and contemporary history of Greece. Commencing from pre-revolutionary period up to the Greek involution in Cyprus in 1974, visitors come…
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Balkan Wars Museum TOPSIN

The building that houses the museum was used on 24 to 26 October, 1912 for the negotiations between the Greek commander in chief, heir Contstantinos and the representatives of the…
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