Ossa, Langadas Municipality

Ossa, Langadas Municipality

Built on the slopes of Mount Vertiskos, at an altitude of 650 m and 40 km from Thessaloniki, Ossa is one of the oldest, most historic and picturesque settlements of Central Macedonia, with natural, archaeological, folklore and architectural interest.

The visitor can be toured around the alleys of the traditional settlement and genuflect to the two churches of the village, St Neomartyros Kyranas and Pammegiston Taxiarches (1804), who preserves remarkable wood-carved iconostasis, important icons and interesting painting adornment. In the settlement, with the care of the Association of the inhabitants of Ossa "St Kyranna (Aghia Kyranna)", there are two places to visit and promote the rich cultural heritage of the settlement; the Folk Collection of Ossa and the re-use of the Old Groceries store, while simultaneously it is being prepared the revival of the old cobbler, an art in which the inhabitants were specialized and its tradition is lost in the centuries.

Within a short distance from the settlement you can find the organic vineyards of Ossa - Anestis Babatzimopoulos Domain and the Agios Giorgis and Kioski recreation areas. In the settlement there are 2 barbecues, 2 cafes, 2 grocery stores, a butcher shop, a pharmacy, a carpentry, a confectionery, stadiums, a children's playground, a primary school and kindergarten. In Lagada (13 km) there is a Health Center, a Tax Office, Banks, a Police Department, a Fire Department, a Forestry, a Spa and a Hotel.
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