The heart of Thessaloniki “beats loudly” in the Municipality of Thermaikos


    The logo of Thessaloniki, the multilayered, but also clean and simple heart formed by a mosaic, now adorns one of the most characteristic and busy places of the Municipality of Thermaikos.

    The favorite habit of souvenir photography of people of all ages in the context of the heart has already begun to circulate

    With the gulf of Thermaikos in the background, the “Many Stories One Heart” logo of Thessaloniki has begun its journey on social media.

    As the President Mr. Patoulidou pointed out:

    “This heart can only be loved: For its hospitality; the warmth of its people; the entertainment and happiness it has to offer. For its unique location. For the many stories that can narrate to you. The Municipality of Thermaikos has organized beaches with crystal clear waters in its 50km coastline that are full of life in summer. The traffic is high. The relevance of the promotion of the sites is given and important for the visitors. The future goal of TTO is for each member to have the logo of Thessaloniki, creating an imaginary grid of common destination.”