Frappe coffee


    It is also called ‘frapedoupoli (frappe-city)! Thessaloniki not only loves frappe coffee, ‘national’ coffee of Greeks, but is also the city that gave birth to! The coffee frappe accidentally created in 1957, during the International Fair of Thessaloniki by Dimitris Vakondios, seller in kiosk cafe in Thessaloniki International Fair that year. Preparing an instant coffee, but because he had no hot water, he put in a shaker a few spoonfuls of coffee, sugar and cold water, hit it and so created the first coffee frappe in history. The word frappé in French means “shaked”.

    Today the mixture is whipped into a special mixer to form a stable foam. Depending on your preferences you can add ice and / or milk. Always served with a straw and a tall glass. Particularly refreshing and … stimulating (!) is the Thessalonians’ indispensable companionship on the hot summers!