The magic of Christmas has the glow of Thessaloniki


    “Every year is better than the last one.” cried the elf of Thessaloniki and opened old Scrooge’s chest. And suddenly exquisite Christmas melodies, furious dancers, goblins and witches of fairytales, fir trees and boats, carols, “melomakarona” and “diples”, stars and shiny ornaments, reindeers, sleighs and Santa Clauses, gifts and countless surprises came out, unfolding and unrolling on the tremendous turn of the city.

    Thessaloniki is ready for the most beautiful celebration of the year, a series of events that come from… all around for the visitors of the festive days and all those who chose to visit #XmasThessaloniki!

    The Region of Central Macedonia, the Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and all the Municipalities of the town complex have already scheduled their Christmas events that aim to make Christmas days and nights in Thessaloniki unique. The YMCA, the Goethe Institute, the Thessaloniki Symphony Orchestra, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Greece, the Noesis Science Center, the Children’s Museum, the KIDOT Christmas Planet and the Mediterranean Cosmos add with their own Christmas events, more jubilee glitter in Northern’s Greece Christmas Wonderland.

    The visitors should have in mind that the most glamorous days of the merrymaking celebration are the next two weekends and the three days (Saturday-Sunday-Monday) before Christmas (December 22-23-24, 2018) and before New Year’s Eve (December 29-30-31, 2018).

    The exquisite adornment of the city promises us the most romantic strolls around. It is impossible to exclude from them the magnificent bird-eye views of Aristotle Square, the beautiful Agias Sophias’ pedestrian shopping street with the Christmas lights shimmer above heads, the village of Santa Claus at Dikastirion Square, the bright circled decoration at Mitropoleos Str. and the seafront illuminated by modern light installations.

    From festive bazaars overflowing with Christmas cheer to dazzling theatrical spectacles and family thrills plus recipes to sweet the holiday season – there’s enough Yuletide action going on in Thessaloniki this year to jingle all your bells and promise you the most impressive Christmas…ever!

    In this year’s glamor, the center of attention is -who else- the kids! You should not miss Thessaloniki Christmas Flea Market, a three-day (December 21-23, 2018) Christmas celebration that hosts the biggest festival for the child, at the port of Thessaloniki and also “Asterocosmos”, the fairytale Christmas land, illuminated by 5,700,000 twinkle lights at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre.

    Check here all the upcoming events.