Municipality of Thermi


    From the southeastern shores of Thermaikos to the mountain range of Chortiatis and Holomontas, the municipality of Thermi can be the ideal getaway for those who search to explore unknown corners of special natural beauty.

    Ready to explore spots around Thessaloniki that even locals don’t know about?

    Head for the dam of Thermi. With its artificial lake, the dam of Thermi (Fragma Thermis) is an oasis of coolness for the locals. Walk among lush pine trees, discover paths and trails, take a deep breath and feel the brisk forest air fill your lungs. From there you can follow the marked path of Vathilakkos that will lead you to Platanakia in Panorama.

    In the villages of Livadi, Peristera, Monopigado, Vasilika and Agios Antonios, forests, lakes, walking trails and unique geological formations compose an idyllic landscape that fascinate even the most demanding visitor.

    Don’t miss the chance to admire the view from the hills of Trilofos and Plagiari. When the sun sets over the Thermaic Gulf, its orange light hits the water in a dazzling way, offering heavenly panoramic views.

    Apart from the nature areas, the area is known as a religious attraction as well.

    The Monastery of St. John the Theologian is situated in the village Souroti. On July 12th 1994, St. Paisios reposed and was buried at the Monastery, next to the church of St Arsenios the Cappadocian. In the scenic square of Peristera you will experience the grandeur of Byzantium in historical monasteries, such as the one of Agios Andreas. In the traditional village Livadi with the beautiful stone houses and the endless walking paths is the majestic Church of Agios Athanasios, built in 1818 and set on fire by the Turks in June 1821. In Vasilika the Church of Agios Georgios which began to be built in 1796 will definitely catch yoyr attention. A few kilometers later in the historic Monastery of Agia Anastasia, near Basilica, the pilgrim experiences all the religious excitement.

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