Municipality of Volvi


    Sea, lake, mountain. The Municipality of Volvi acquires a unique geomorphological relief, where many important historical sights are scattered around. With eight Blue Flags beaches of Strymonikos Gulf, near to the biggest metropolitan cities (Thessaloniki, Kavala),  Egnatia Motorway and “Macedonia” International Airport, the Municipality of Volvi is an ideal destination for summer holidays.

    Meanwhile, the second largest wetland in Greece, Lake Volvi, combined with the picturesque villages in the mountainous areas and the traditional Greek hospitality offers all kinds of retreats. In this incomparable nature, where very extremely rare nature monuments stand as “Nimphopeters” or the plane trees wood, history leaves its own footprint.

    The Byzantine castle of Redina, the tomb of Apollonia, the Byzantine castle of Vrasna, the Hellenistic settlement of Asprovalta, the Ottoman baths of Apollonia, along with sacred pilgrimages such as the Temple of Apostle Paul, the church of St Marina at Rentina and the church of Saint Lazarus at Evaggelismos compose a multitude of choices.

    The municipality of Volvi comprises a gate of entrance to Mount Athos and it’s near to important archaeological sites such as Amphipolis and Stagira. Adding the unique products of the the Municipality of Volvi, such as fresh seafood and lake fish, oregano, olive oil and wine, contribute to why the area a “must-go” place for vacation.

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