Which is the best way to experience Thessaloniki? Of course by walking in the neighborhoods of the city! Bustling, colorful and vibrant, every district of Thessaloniki has it’s own particular characteristics, drawing the charm of this magical coexistence between the old and the new. The distances between them are short so you can easily see the most interesting of them. So, put on comfortable shoes, ‘Arm’ your camera and go!


2300 年港口有太多的故事来讲述!直到今天它一直是萨洛尼卡的权利杠杆。除了商业和海上活动,萨洛尼卡港口已成功将城市和它的居民联系起来。港口设施和建设重建和发展后,它也提供文化活动、事件、节日、会议和娱乐与咖啡馆、酒吧和餐馆场所,把自己变成当地人和游客的多功能大众娱乐场所!不要错过那壮丽的日落,俯瞰着海洋的场景! 像这种城市-港口关