• Coordinates:

    40.937426, 24.412652

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  • Hour(s) - distance:

    Up to 3 hours

  • Prefecture:

    Regional Unit of Kavala

The city of Kavala, crossroad of major land and sea routes for thousands of years, is built amphitheatrically with magnificent views over the Macedonian coast and the open Aegean Sea. The city constitutes one rich in emotions travel destination. The Old Town «Panagia», the imposing fortress, the monument of Apostle Paul, the place where the Apostle of the Nations took his first steps in the European continent, the archaeological and navy museum, tobacco museum, the center with the neoclassical buildings, the ancient Via Egnatia will take you to different eras and traditions. Your journey does not stop here. Continues with the archaeological site of Philippi, World Heritage of UNESCO since 2016, the cultural Festivals, the Wax Museum, the evergreen nature of Paggeo Mountain, the Delta of river Nestos to lakes Vistonida and Ismarida and the wider region of lagoons, wetlands of international significance with rich flora and fauna, the 105 km of indented coasts, the Clay infirmary of Κrinides.