Church of Aghios (St.) Demetrius

Dedicated to the patron Saint of the city, the magnificent Basilica of Aghios (St.) Demetrius is one of the most important early Christian churches of Thessaloniki. At fi

Church of Aghia Sophia

The Church of Aghia Sophia, dedicated to Christ, the true Word and Wisdom of God, was built in the late 7th century and is a typical sample of transitional cruciform chur

Church of Agios Charalambos

The temple was built in 1905 in the place where a smaller church existed and is "connected" with the Mount Athos monastery Simonos Petra. The complex consists of two-stor

Church of Nea Panagia thessaloniki

It was dedicated to the Assumption, being a three-aisled basilica with a wooden roof, open arcade to the west and with a portico to the south, with interesting frescoes o

Church of Agios Antonios

 Dated back to the 18th century, the church of Agios Antonios is a small two-aisled church. During the Ottoman rule it was the core of the city Hellenism. Formerly u

Church of Panagouda or Panagia Gorgoepikoos

 It was dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin. The temple was completely destroyed by fire in 1817, to be restored later. The present church is a stone basilica floor

Church of St. George

The small church of St. George is located west of the Rotunda and untill 1758 it was the chapel of the Metropolis of Thessaloniki. It was renovated in 1815 by follow

Church of Ypapanti

According to sources, the place where church of Ypapanti is located nowadays, constituted Mr. Joel’s monastery untill 16th century. Later on, after 1865, it becomes the p

Church of Laodigitrias or Panagias Lagoudianis

It was founded in the 14th AD century by someone with the name Lagoudiatis or Lagoudatis. During the Byzantine period it was a female catholicon monastery depended on the

Church of Aghios Athanasios

It was built in 1818, possibly on the foundations of an older church. Despite the subsequent interventions it still retains its original form as a basilica with inner bal