In the footsteps of Cyril and Methodius

One of the factors that places Thessaloniki among the greatest cities as far as Christianity is concerned, is the work of two of its children, Cyril and Methodius. Through their spiritual campaign they conveyed the pure Christian truth to Slavs, while by creating the Slavic Alphabet they provided them with a written language to use, not only in theology but also in literature, education, science, thus contributing to the creation of the Slavic civilization. 


Monumental Column “Book-Temple” It has the shape of an open book, whose pages form the images of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The gate at the bottom symbolizes the gate o

Temples of Cyril and Methodius in Thessaloniki

Temple of Cyril and Methodius Address: 2, Str. Kallidopoulou Street, Thessaloniki   Temple of Cyril and Methodius in Nea Politeia, Evosmos Address: Junction of O

Missionary work Christianization of the Slavs

After staying for approximately three years in Great Morabia, the two brothers selected a number of students to be ordained and begun constructing some sort of church cen

Early Life of Cyril and Methodius

Cyril and Methodius were born in Thessaloniki and were sons of a prominent Christian family with seven children. Their father, Leo was a droungarios of the Byzantine them