The culturally rich Macedonian land was the birthplace of one of the greatest philosophers in the history of mankind. The philosopher, but more importantly, a Renaissance Man of his time, was born in Stageira, Halkidiki. His remarkable expertise on a significant number of different subject areas placed him among the 10 top influential figures of all times, worldwide. The Footsteps of Aristotle will lead you to the history and the world of science, with Stageira as a starting place. This is where everything commenced….

Aristotle 2400 years World Congress

The 38th session of UNESCO Conference in Paris proclaimed 2016, The Aristotle Anniversary Year. The Interdisciplinary Centre for Aristotle Studies of Aristotle University

School of Aristotle, Isvoria Naousa

At the archaeological site of Nympheon, Isvoria, in the broader area of ancient Mieza, in a gorgeous natural landscape, with running waters, deeply-shaded caves and thick

Grove of Aristotle

There is nothing better than theory being applied in practice! How about indulging yourself with the Grove’s unique interactive instruments, implementing the natural laws

Stageira: Modern settlement

Built in the foothills of Stratonic Mountain, with an altitude of approximately 500 metres and 89 kilometres to Thessaloniki, the settlement attracts many visitors, espec

The life and achievements of Aristotle

Aristotle was born in Stageira in 384 BC, a city under the jurisdiction of the Macedonian king. His father Nikomachos was the personal physician, friend and advisor of Ki