Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and capital city of Central Macedonia’s administrative district, bearing all the structures that constitute a modern urban center, with a population of over 878,000 residents in its Regional Unit. Additionally, its port being the second largest commercial port of Greece, and its location, close to the Balkans, between the East and the West, are significant factors that contribute, both to its economic growth and its cosmopolitan characteristics. The European Centre for the Development of Vocation Training (Cedefop), the Commercial and Development Bank of Euxinus Pontus are both based in Thessaloniki, together with the Institute of Paternal Studies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

It is a welcoming, relaxing city ready to spoil you by its countless visiting options, being full of life, day and night, due to its thousands of students studying in its universities. In contemporary Thessaloniki, you’ll come across with history, art and different cultures of 2,300 years of the city’s history, you’ll have the chance to taste its rich gastronomic tradition, with a reputation far beyond the Greek borders, you’ll relax on the beautiful coast watching the sun disappear in the Aegean sea and you will let yourself in the evening rhythms of a city where the nightlife ends just before the first light of the day!

Wi-Fi hotspots

Surf, upload, share, get informed, Free! The Municipality of Thessaloniki offers the possibility of free wireless internet access from mobile devices such as smartphones


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Thessalonians’ native language is Greek, the country’s official language, while English is the most popular foreign language in use. Due to the great interest of learning


The climate of Thessaloniki is Mediterranean, being partly affected by the mainland. The rarity of extreme weather conditions and the mild temperature characteristics o