On 2 wheels

One of the best ways to get acquainted with Thessaloniki and the countryside is by bicycle! Rent one from Thessaloniki’s bike rental companies and head for the coastline, the city’s most enjoyable bike route, flirting with the waves!

Let’s meet in Thessaloniki

Discover Thessaloniki by bicycle! Together with a local English speaking tour leader, we will take you to the hotspots and help you to get around. Are you a food lover an

City Bikes Thessaloniki

City-Bikes.gr is the new bike store in Thessaloniki, the very first one located in the heart of the city and the only that offers a full range of services relative to the

Break Free Mountain Bike Club

It offers bicycle routes in Thessaloniki, at Hortiatis mountain, in Halkidiki peninsula, Trekking Tour at Olympus mountain, as well as, routes during the sunset for visit

Cycle safari

It organizes small and large scale bike rides nationwide, for bikers of all levels, using their own bicycle or rented one's provided by the company. Bicycle routes in Th


  The company offers a wide range of bicycles and exceptional high standards in bike renting, selling, technical support and equipment. It also organizes bike tours


The bike sharing and renting system in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, named I-BIKE, of THESSBIKE company, the largest of its kind in Greece, holds eight stations