Moving around the city

Thessaloniki offers an easy and quick way to commute; no city spot is more than 30 minutes away from the center by public transportation.

Surely, the best way to get acquainted with the historic center is by strolling down the UNESCO monuments, the market, the traditional taverns, as well as the coastline with the beautiful sunset, the distance between them is not more than a few minutes’ walk, after all. Public buses and taxis are the main means of transportation of Thessaloniki, while bicycles have become increasingly popular over the past years. The picturesque boats and the alternative Segway, complete the list of transportation selections during summer period.

«Karavakia-Thessaloniki Waterbus» small boats

In June, the small boats go out to sea to give you one of the most 'refreshing' experiences offered by Thessaloniki! Let yourself relax in the sunshine, enjoying the view


Discover Thessaloniki by riding a bicycle! City touring becomes even more enjoyable through a network of bicycle lanes bearing the special marking! The bike sharing syste


There are approximately 2000 taxis in Thessaloniki with 24h service taxi ranks in many city spots and in many departure ones like the Airport, the Train Station, the Mace

Bus Public Transport

Bus Public Transport The Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (O.A.S.TH.), the second largest in Greece, connects the whole city via a dense network of b