Which is the best way to experience Thessaloniki? Of course by walking in the neighborhoods of the city! Bustling, colorful and vibrant, every district of Thessaloniki has it’s own particular characteristics, drawing the charm of this magical coexistence between the old and the new. The distances between them are short so you can easily see the most interesting of them. So, put on comfortable shoes, ‘Arm’ your camera and go!


Kalamaria, a breath away from the center of Thessaloniki, is today a favorite destination and center of many activities. The airport "Macedonia" is located next to it an

Rotunda – Melenikou – Navarinou Square

Student life forever! The short distance from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, became throughout the area of the Rotunda to the Navarinoy Square one o

Iktinou – Zefxidos – Pavlou Mela

The school pedestrian streets that became favorite fun spot! Few years ago, Iktinou and Zefxidos placed in the heart of Thessaloniki, were two streets known for school bl

Athonos square

Full of life all day long, Athonos square in the city center, is a place loved not only by Thessalonians but also by tourists. In the shops you will find all kinds of&nbs

Ano Poli (Upper Town)

The balcony of Thessaloniki! Walking up from the city's center and leaving behind the dense construction and apartment buildings, a different Thessaloniki is discovered,

Modiano – Kapani – Louloudadika

Agora Modiano: Thessaloniki’s Central Food Market, returns with a fresh new look Bringing a fresh new vibe to Thessaloniki’s center, Agora Modiano returns renewed, with

Bit Bazaar

The market with antiques and antique shops narrates another one of the many stories of Thessaloniki. The Bit Bazaar, the small refugee settlement built in 1928 for the Gr


The chronicle of a successful transformation! It was once an area with high commercial activity, which dominated the fabric stores and manufactories transf

Aristotle Square

A Square risen from the ashes! The heart of the city beats in Aristotle Square, one of the most beautiful and biggest squares of Greece. Came out literally from the ashes


Ladadika = Fun! The ultimate experience of all day and night entertainment, is listening to the name Ladadika! Used to be a commercial neighborhood and due to the wholesa