Outdoor sculpture provides its own artistic and historic touch to Thessaloniki’s cultural identity. Meet the heroes, benefactors and charismatic leaders throughout the historic sculptures, as well as more contemporary approaches serving artistic and decorative purposes. A number of them enjoy great popularity among tourists, wonderful photo souvenirs to take back home with you or share with your friends at social media!

You are just one click away from the most celebrated sculptures of Thessaloniki guide!


The moon standing next to the sea is another popular spot of Thessaloniki, the perfect background for your photos!

Statue of Queen Olga

Queen Olga Konstantinovna, Grand Duchess of Russia and member of the Romanov Dynasty, was the wife of the King of Greece George the First and Queen of Greece (1867-1913)

Statue of Georgios Ivanov

Dedicated to the Iraklis athletic club, famous Greek-Polish athlete, who was an active member of the Greek resistance during the II World War.


Three circles supporting a red figure that resembles the finish line.

Statue of Lisimachos Kaftanzoglou

It is dedicated to benefactor Lisimachos Kaftanzoglou. Kaftanzoglio stadium of Thessaloniki, one of the oldest, greatest and best equipped stadiums in Greece, was build a

Iraklis Gymnastic Club Memorial

It is dedicated to the club’s long and successful history. The marble sign bears the words: Idea, movement designing TASOS KAKOGIANNIS SCULPTURING KALEVRAS CONSTRUCTION F

Bust of Athanasios Diakos

It is dedicated to the hero/commanding officer of the Greek forces during the 1821 Revolution.

Bust of Sophia Vembo

It is a tribute to Sophia Vembo, so-called “Songstress of Victory”, who encouraged and inspired like no one else the Greek army during Greco-Italian War in 1940, through

Korean War Memorial

It commemorates the Greek soldiers who died in the Korean War during 1950-1955.

Thracian Fallen Heroes Memorial

It is dedicated to the heroes form Aino, East Thrace, lost at sea during the Greek Revolution of 1821.