Coffees of Thessaloniki

Let’s go for coffee; this beloved, for most, habit is to Thessalonians lifestyle! Accompanies the joy and the sorrow, anticipation, discussions and social contacts, expansion, new acquaintances. The love affair of the city’s residents with this unique drink can be seen from the thousands of cafés in Thessaloniki and their full tables, all day long. You will understand this from your very first walk. Even the National Geographic was impressed in Thessaloniki, the city “with most cafés per inhabitant than any other European city”!

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Coffee first arrived in Thessaloniki during the Ottoman period and its popularity has been rising ever since. In 1957, a new era in the city’s coffee history started when was born in Thessaloniki coffee frappe, favorite drink of the Greeks! Drink slowly, loosely, without haste, like ‘impose’ the Thessaloniki’s coffee culture, enjoying the moment, the company, the sea or a game of backgammon!

Other coffees

Following the 'trends' and the evolution of coffee worldwide, the cafés of Thessaloniki offers all the other favorite coffees in many variants: espresso with over 10 vari

Greek coffee

Having its roots from the Ottoman period, Greek coffee is one of the most popular coffees in Greece, especially at older ages. The roasted coffee beans are being ground t

Frappe coffee

It is also called 'frapedoupoli (frappe-city)! Thessaloniki not only loves frappe coffee, 'national' coffee of Greeks, but is also the city that gave birth to! The coffee