Yad Lezikaron Synagogue

The synagogue, dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims, was inaugurated in 1984. It was built on the site of ‘Bourla’, a small bethel also known as “Cal de la Pl

Monastirioton Synagogue

The synagogue, a donation by Ida Aroesti with further financial contribution by families from Monastiri (Vitola) former Yugoslavia, was founded in 1927. During the Nazi o

Greek Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki

The Greek Evangelical Church is the largest and oldest Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki (since 1865). The current building of the church was built in 1971 in the place

Armenian Orthodox Church of Virgin Mary

The temple was built in 1903 following the efforts of the Armenians of the city and is the work of the Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli.

Cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception

In one of the most historical and vivid areas of Thessaloniki is located the Catholic Church or 'Frangoklissia', as it was known in the past. It is built on an earli