Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale 2021

MOMus- Thessaloniki Museum of Photography Warehouse A', Port of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Τhe Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale returns in 2021 presenting to the public 19 exhibitions of Greek and international photography, individual and group, of various themes and photographic approaches, with the participation of 94 artists from 18 countries. In this year's event, the main exhibition and original production entitled The Real and the Record is curated by Yorgos […]

National Theatre of Northern Greece-Performances schedule

December 2021 Date Royal (Vasiliko) Theatre Lazaristes Monastery − Sokratis Karantinos Stage Theatre Of The Society For Macedonian Studies Lazaristes Monastery − Studio Theatre Internet 01, Wednesday The second surprise of love (19:00) Babylonia (19:00) Marat/Sade (CANCELLED) The House of Bernarda Alba (Foyer, 19:00) The Open Couple (19:00) 02, Thursday The second surprise of love (21:00) Babylonia (21:00) Marat/Sade (CANCELLED) The House of […]


Thessaloniki International Fair 154 Egnatis str,, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

The largest and most glamorous wedding and christening exhibition in Northern Greece.   The exhibition takes place, in the most central part of Thessaloniki, in a beautiful space with easy access, at the Conference Center "Ioannis Vellidis" , at the TIFF. An exhibition institution for Thessaloniki, a unique event, with the exhibitors from the field of wedding […]

Detrop Boutique

Thessaloniki International Fair 154 Egnatis str,, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

Detrop Boutique aims to highlight the best delicatessen products and foods, both in terms of quality and production methods of Greek small producers. It is the event that promotes the country's culinary culture to domestic and international buyers, while targeting retailers and wholesalers, supermarket dealers, hotels, restaurants as well as deli shops, organic products shops and bakeries. It is held […]

24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

TDF is among the most important documentary festivals in Europe and an Oscars® documentary feature qualifying festival, celebrating the art of documentary via a rich program of films, events, initiatives and the Agora Doc Market, a lively hub for film professionals. Through a versatile program that includes documentaries from all over the world, as well […]

FRESKON- Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Trade Event

Thessaloniki International Fair 154 Egnatis str,, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

FRESKON Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Trade Event has been the focus of developments in the fresh produce sector for the last six years, making it the largest meeting of producers and international retail groups, and domestic and international transporters in Southeastern Europe. Freskon aims to promote the quality of Greek production, to broaden international collaborations, and to […]

“Int’ Marathon Alexander the Great”

The Marathon of History, Pella – Thessaloniki. An athletic route with cultural theme   The ‘Marathon of History’, refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki. Pella is the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great, whereas Thessaloniki is the modern capital of Macedonia. This International Marathon which symbolizes one of the most recognizable […]

EuroPride 2024 Thessaloniki

After the cancellation of EuroPride 2020 in Thessaloniki, due to the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, the members of the European Pride Organisers Association decided (almost unanimously)  to grant again EuroPride to Thessaloniki for 2024! See you in 2024!

Heptapyrgion Festival

Heptapyrgion Festival, a big celebration of Culture with music performances, theatrical narrations and poetry was “born” in Thessaloniki in 2019 on the initiative of the Cultural Center of the Regional Government of Central Macedonia in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Thessaloniki. Heptapyrgion Festival is under the auspices of UNESCO and takes place […]

86th Thessaloniki International Fair

Thessaloniki International Fair 154 Egnatis str,, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

The national exhibition agency counts more than eight decades of life. The story began in 1925 with the deputy’s Nikolaos Germanos efforts for the realization of an international exhibition, the first in Greece. So the first Thessaloniki International Fair opened in October 3, 1926, marking the beginning of an important chapter in the region’s economy. Today Thessaloniki […]

Dimitria Festival

Dimitria is the largest cultural & intellectual festival in Thessaloniki & Northern Greece. Every year, in early Autumn, the Festival marks the beginning of a series of major artistic & intellectual events held in Thessaloniki, covering all the arts & interests.  More TBA About Dimitria "Dimitria" is a cultural institution of Thessaloniki, originating from the most […]