Thessaloniki welcomes visitors from all around Northern Greece, as well as the Balkans, due to its wide range of products offered in the marketplace, for every taste and budget! Here you will find hundreds of clothing, shoes, accessories shops, brand names, local designers’ creations, and low-cost suggestions to replenish your wardrobe. You will also come across well-known international chain stores, leather stores, jewellery and watches, electronic devices, cosmetics, homeware etc, and big shopping malls where proximity prevails!

One of the locals’ all time favorite habit is a lay back stroll down to the city centre or the malls, for shopping or coffee. Blend in and enjoy the Shopping experience in Thessaloniki!

“Makedonia” Shopping Mall

Eastern of Thessaloniki, “Makedonia” shopping mall provides the latest fashion on clothing, cosmetics, optics, electronic devices, mobile phones etc. You can also find a

Apollonia Politia

There is a world of fashion and beauty assembled at the Apollonia Politia shopping mall, with thousands of items in cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, accessories, watches, h

One Salonica outlet Mall

With sales reaching a discount of -70% off, a large variety in clothing, footwear, accessories, homeware, travel equipment, health, beauty, optics, restaurants, cafés, su

Mega Outlet

More than 80 mono brand or multi brand stores await you to satisfy each one of your needs, while more than 400 of the most popular brands of every kind provide a huge var

Mediterranean Cosmos

It is one of the largest Shopping Malls in northern Greece, with 200 shops, 30 cafés and restaurants and 6,000 brand names, a city within the city, offering the ultimate

Open Commercial Centre (Thess Open Mall)

In an area enveloping the streets of Aristotelous – Mitropoleos – Pavlou Mela – Leoforos Nikis Ave – together with the streets placed vertically to the above, the Commer

Attica Department Store

Attica, in the heart of the city, offers a selection of fashion brand names, upscale Brands, and well-known hip brands, as well as, popular Greek brands of male and femal

Notos Galleries

In the 5-storey glamorous department store of Notos Galleries, in the city center, you will come across the biggest variety of fashion brands, clothing, footwear, bags, a

“Plateia” Shopping Mall

In the heart of the city, you will find "Plateia" Shopping Mall, with stores, a cinema complex, restaurants, a quite popular meeting spot among youth and students. There

Shopping Districts

The city centre is the ultimate shopping paradise with hundreds of shops, malls, and department stores. Due to the fact that all the above are in close proximity with eac