In the rich cultural calendar of Thessaloniki, the festivals have their own special place. Dynamic enhancement tool of all forms of art and expression, are a very good opportunity to visit the city and discover the modern cultural production!

Heptapyrgion Festival

Heptapyrgion Festival, a big celebration of Culture with music performances, theatrical narrations and poetry was "born" in Thessaloniki in 2019 

Tuning in Thessaloniki’s online Festivals

You are just a click away from Thessaloniki's most well known Festivals! 1. 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival Cinema, no matter what! The 61st Thessaloniki

Music Showcase of Greece

MSG is a three-day showcase festival of fresh artists from all of Europe and beyond, during which around 30 acts perform at different venues in Thessaloniki. The internat

VorOina Festival

Vorοina festival is a popular wine & spirits-tasting annual festival of Northern Greece vineyards, held every September in Thessaloniki. It provid

Thessaloniki Street Mode Festival

Street Mode is an annual music, art, and sports festival held in Thessaloniki since 2009. It is one of the largest festivals in Greece, reaching thousands of visitors, wi

Urban Picnic Festival

The last weekend of August, one of the most important archaeological sites of Thessaloniki, the Roman Agora, is getting full of tablecloths and small baskets for a unique

Taratsa International Film Festival

Every August, the most beautiful city terraces are transformed into a summer cinema under the stars! Unexpected spaces are transformed into cinemas, showing short films o

Reworks – International Music Festival

From the experimental sound and contemporary classical music to modern electronic music, pop, to soul and jazz music and performances of global reach artists as well as t

Thessaloniki Food Festival

Thessaloniki is known for the richness of its flavors. The Thessaloniki Food Festival aims to present this culinary tradition through a large number of activities such as

Thessaloniki International Book Fair

The books meet their audience in the spring at Thessaloniki International Book Fair, which is a celebration not only for the Book but also the Arts and Culture. The Fair