Tuning in Thessaloniki’s online Festivals


    You are just a click away from Thessaloniki’s most well known Festivals!

    1. 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival

    Cinema, no matter what!

    The 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival is back in online business, from 5 to 15 November 2020, with indie cinema from all over the world, the best movies of the recent Greek film production, breathtaking tributes, and subversive films that will carry us to the four corners of the horizon, amidst these unforeseeable and unprecedented days we’re living in. We are welcoming you at www.filmfestival.gr, where 177 movies are in store for you to watch.


    2. 55th Dimitria Festival

    The 55th Dimitria Festival on your screen! The 55th Dimitria Festival is now online and presents something new every day!

    Τhe individual experience towards an ever-changing society is always the key-point of every year’s festival, and this is the case again this year with a specially designed artistic programme. The focus is always on the crucial and most demanding artistic, social and cultural issue. The most prevalent artistic tendencies are promoted via theater, music, dance, art promoting this way the cultural heritage of Thessaloniki in the best possible way.

    The theme of this year’s digital Demetria is “Distances”. Physical, temporal or even emotional “Distances”, but not cultural.

    The digital platform that hosts this year’s festival is easily accessible from any type of mobile device. Users can watch all the performances free of charge.

    Check out the highlights of this year’s 55th Dimitria Festival here.


    3. Reworks Connekt

    From Mt Olympus to the White Tower, the virtual edition of Reworks Festival guided us to some of Greece’s most captivating locations. Reworks Connekt last two days, showing various activities such as music performances, DJ Sets and discussions with the highlights being the DJ sets of Nina Kraviz on Mt Olympus and Patrice Baumel at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace, as well as the concert of And.id with the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

    Watch here all the music performances of reworks connect.