Museums and Monuments

The intense sports activity of Thessaloniki is exhibited at its numerous sports Museums, including the Olympic one, which narrates the legacy of the country that gave birth to the Olympic Games, as well as, the basketball Museums that point out the remarkable tradition of its teams, and at the rest of the sports monuments and sculptures.

The Y.M.C.A. Basketball Museum (Young Men’s Christian Association of Thessaloniki)

It is the first Basketball Museum in Greece, a sport that was promoted and developed in the country by the Young Men’s Christian Association. The Museum was inaugurated i

Statue of Lisimachos Kaftanzoglou

It is dedicated to benefactor Lisimachos Kaftanzoglou. Kaftanzoglio stadium of Thessaloniki, one of the oldest, greatest and best equipped stadiums in Greece, was build a

Statue of Georgios Ivanov

Dedicated to the Iraklis athletic club, famous Greek-Polish athlete, who was an active member of the Greek resistance during the II World War. Artist’s name: Mieczyslav

Iraklis Gymnastic Club Memorial

It is dedicated to the club’s long and successful history. The marble sign bears the words: Idea, movement designing TASOS KAKOGIANNIS SCULPTURING KALEVRAS CONSTRUCTION F

ARIS Basketball Museum

The glorious past of ARIS Thessaloniki, a team with remarkable history in both Greek and European basketball, especially in the 80s and 90s, is displayed via the exhibits

Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki

The Olympic Museum is located in Thessaloniki next to Kaftanzoglio National Stadium and it is the only Museum of its kind, officially recognized by the International Olym


Three circles that support a red figure resembling the finish line. Artist’s name: Stavros Panagiotakis