Thessaloniki and the sea march together for thousands of years. The sea breeze can be enjoyed not only in the city but also around it. One of the privileges of Thessaloniki is beautiful seaside villages very close to the city, easily accessible even by public transportation.

With crystal clear waters, award winning beaches and good infrastructures, discover and enjoy your favorite water sports or just lie back, relax under the Mediterranean sun!


Pieria means Olympus, the imposing mountain of Gods, also means culture and history, as evidenced by the sacred city of the Macedonians, the ancient Dion but it also mean


The prefecture of Halkidiki, in the southeast of Thessaloniki, with the characteristic shape of the three 'legs', is a favorite vacation destination of Thessaloniki resid


Just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki, quaint resorts of Thermaikos Gulf, almost joined with the city, are the closest breaths of relaxation and coolness. With easy acc