Sports events

Thessaloniki’s sports calendar includes many sports events throughout the year, giving the chance to locals and visitors to participate as spectators or as runners.

North Aegean Cup (Sailing)

The Regatta North Aegean Cup, organized by the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki, is held in Toroneos Gulf. The start of the competition and the skippers’ meeting take place

International two-days biking event

Velos Cycling Club organizes a high standards biking event at the second fortnight of each September, departing from the White Tower with the participation of top Greek a

Rally D.E.Th.

The Rally of International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki is the top annual car race in Thessaloniki and takes place every September during the International Trade Fair. The

Olympus Marathon

   It is a unique mountain running race which follows the holy course of pilgrims, most commonly citizens of the city of Dion, ascending each summer to the top

Night Half Marathon

The main streets of the city center are blocked from traffic, only to welcome the Night Half Marathon runners! The main streets convert into a pleasant race for the parti

“ALEXANDER the GREAT” International Marathon

It covers the distance between Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia and birth-place of the great king, and Thessaloniki, the modern capital city. It bears the symbol o