Thessaloniki Tourism Organization “welcomes” Italy to Thessaloniki


    Thessaloniki Tourism Organization presented Thessaloniki and its unique advantages at the workshop “Benvenuti in Grecia”, at the invitation of the Director of the EOT Italy office Mr. Kyriakis Boulasidou.

    Thessaloniki Tourism Organization participated in the workshop from 12 to 14 May 2021, through the pioneering and innovative platform Virtual Tourism Space (VIRBELA) where each participant had his own personalized space with his own personal avatar.

    At its virtual kiosk, Thessaloniki Tourism Organization “welcomed” the Italian tour operators and journalists specializing in tourism issues, highlighting the beauty of the destination and inviting the Italian public to visit Thessaloniki for the summer holidays.

    Thematic tourism dominated the contacts and discussions of the neighboring country which is a target market for Thessaloniki.