Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI)


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The Commerce and Industry Chamber of Thessaloniki (TCCI) is a public corporation and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism as the official advisor of the Government on issues of economy, trade and industry and develops initiatives to develop entrepreneurship not only on its area of competence but also for the Greek economy in general.

TCCI is the second largest Chamber in Greece, with 22,000 member companies. TCCI, with the participation of the various administration, local and nationwide organizations for promotion of entrepreneurship, has contributed significantly to the development of the wider area of Thessaloniki in order for it to be a new commercial, industrial and financial hub in Southeast Europe. Chamber members gain access to a range of services, most of which are provided free or at very nominal price such as the promotion of international cooperation and networking, the subsidy for participation in international exhibitions in Greece and abroad, information about the organization and operation of the enterprise and possibilities of financing, the provision of training – training to employers and employees, the organization of conferences, seminars and lectures, the hospitality and support of the actions of the Greek Liaison Office of the World Bank, the implementation of subsidized by the European Union projects, online conducting surveys on topical issues etc.