Thessaloniki’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Google’s Arts & Culture Platform



    Thessaloniki’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are now available on the Google Arts & Culture online platform.

    The arts & culture platform features high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from Google’s partner cultural organizations throughout the world.

    Through the platform, internet users can take a virtual “stroll” through some of the northern port city’s landmark monuments dating back to the early Christian and Byzantine eras. These sites include the Rotunda, the churches of Saint Demetrius, Saint Sophia, the Acheiropoietos, Panagia Halkeon, Saint Apostles, Hosios David, the Vlatadon Monastery, the White Tower and the Byzantine baths among many others.

    Google’s Arts & Culture app is available for desktop and mobile devices and offers photos, videos as well as written information through its collaboration with the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization.

    Thessaloniki’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found on Google Arts & Culture here.

    Last year, 15 world heritage sites of Thessaloniki were highlighted in a special advertisement published in UNESCO’s official magazine titled “World Heritage”.

    The quarterly printed and online review features in-depth articles on cultural and natural World Heritage sites. Its April issue included Thessaloniki’s Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments.