Casts Museum of the Faculty of Philosophy – Aristotle University


  • Coordinates:

    40.631422, 22.955165

  • Phone:

    +30 2310 997301

  • Website:

  • Working hours:

    08:00 – 14:00 (Weekdays)

  • Address:

    Basement of the New Building of the Faculty of Philosophy

  • Ticket price:

    Free Entrance

The Museum is located at the basement of the faculty’s new building, between the old one (the well-known ochre neoclassic) and the garden shared by the Faculties of Theology, Law and the main Administration office building. It contains a vast collection of approximately 700 casts in plaster, exact reproductions of celebrated ancient Greek sculptures currently displayed in Greek museums and abroad. Apart from these copies, the collection includes original archaeological findings unearthed mainly from excavations in Macedonia (pottery, miniatures, metal artworks, coins). The Museum’s basic objective is to provide means of adequate education to archaeology students. It is open to the public and provides organized tours to school groups.