Thessaloniki Tourism Organization became member of the Association of British Travel Agents


    The advantages of the largest British Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators known as ABTA are now enjoyed by Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, as its now an official member.

    With a history of 70 years and approximately 1,100 members, ABTA offers guidance, information and advice to the tourism community, having gained its trust, worldwide.

    It is considered a pioneer in the travel industry, in supporting high standards of services but also in safe “responsible” tourism.

    Thessaloniki Tourism Organization now has the opportunity to benefit from the recognition of one of the largest associations of travel agents in the world, as well as to promote Thessaloniki to thousands of travel agents through networking. To exchange know-how and to have access to information that identifies the English Tourist Market.

    As a registered member, Thessaloniki Tourism Organization can now:

    • Use of ABTA Partner Logo and participate in B2B meetings and business events,
    • Share content via ABTA’s social media channels to 5,200 unique ABTA contacts
    • have an advertising presence on the official website, but also on social media, addressing thousands of followers, promoting Thessaloniki as a tourist destination