Roman Forum Museum


  • Coordinates:

    40.637389, 22.945480

  • Phone:

    (+30) 2310 221266

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  • Working hours:

    8:30-15:30, Tuesday: closed

  • Information:

    The entrance for people with disabilities is at the South-West side of the site at the junction of Filippou Street and Makedonikis Amynis Street.

Between Olympou Street and Philippou Street lies the Roman Forum, the social and religious center of Roman Thessaloniki. Its construction was completed in two phases (mid- 2nd and mid-3rd centuries AD). It includes the large rectangular stone-paved square, the ground level part of the double two-storey Cryproporticus (operated most probably as a warehouse), an Odeon, a Mint, a Registry and a circular Bathhouse. An underground Museum exhibits interesting details about the excavation process, the location’s history since Hellenistic era as well as information concerning the museum’s construction. The entrance to the archaeological site of Roman Forum is at the South-East corner, at the junction of Filippou Street & Agnostou Stratiotou Street. The site’s hygiene facilities, the entrance to the underground Museum with the permanent exhibition of the ancient Forum, the occasional exhibitions’ hall and the small festivities’ amphitheatre are located at the west side of the ancient square.