Museums, Monuments, Theatres  Cinemas etc…

Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture in 1997 and remains a city with intense cultural activity. As evidenced by the dozens of museums, theaters, the Multiplex of art, the Concert Hall, the outdoor sculpture and music heritage, Thessaloniki produces culture and moves with strength and versatility, having a restive workforce, its residents, creating and many times pioneering at the cultural life of Greece. Search and discover places and people and why not, become yourselves part of that creativity!

Armenian Cross Stone

The traditional Armenian hatskar cross was offered by the Armenian government to Thessaloniki as an acknowledgement of the city’s aid towards the Armenian people.


A minimalistic sculpture that reaches towards the sky.


A sculpture comprised by bright colored geometrical forms

Abstract Sculpture

The large consecutive bulks compose a versatile synthesis which gracefully ascends towards heaven.

Sculpture entitled “Library”

Books form geometrical patterns to accommodate human images.

Sculpture entitled “World of Innovation”

It suggests the international character of HELEXPO – D.E.Th.

Sculpture entitled “The footstep of the Macedonian”

The upper part is a composition of tiles and pebbles, while the lower one, the “Footstep of the Macedonian” seems to stride over the medal sign at the left of the base.


The huge steel saw surfacing from the earth symbolizes the great differences that separate humans, perceptions and cultures destroying links for communication.


One of the most photographed spots of Thessaloniki, it accompanies walkers and bike-riders throughout their everyday strolls alongside the Waterfront.

Bust of Vasilis Tsitsanis

It honors the great Greek popular composer.