Museums, Monuments, Theatres  Cinemas etc…

Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture in 1997 and remains a city with intense cultural activity. As evidenced by the dozens of museums, theaters, the Multiplex of art, the Concert Hall, the outdoor sculpture and music heritage, Thessaloniki produces culture and moves with strength and versatility, having a restive workforce, its residents, creating and many times pioneering at the cultural life of Greece. Search and discover places and people and why not, become yourselves part of that creativity!

Sculpture commemorating Gregory Lambrakis

A sculptured symbolic complex dedicated to the political fighter Gregory Lambrakis.

Statue of Philip II

The bronze statue displays the strength and determination of the Macedonian king.

Statue of Aristotle

The statue of the Greek philosopher appears to be holding a pergamine paper in his left hand, while his right one rests with serenity on a higher marble base.

Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos

The statue of the greatest Greek politician in Modern History of Greece thus created to emphasize on his charismatic leadership and extraordinary personality.

Statue of Alexander the Great

The largest in height statue in Greece pays tribute to the Great Greek King. The imposing artwork is accompanied by a frieze ornamented with relief figures, eight Macedon

Mustafa Kemal Residence, Ataturk

This residence was built at the end of 19thcentury as a donation on behalf of the Greek government to the Turkish one and is currently attached to the Turkish Consulate o

White Tower Museum

Meet Thessaloniki’s impressive history by entering the city’s most emblematic structure, the imposing White Tower and enjoy the lovely view from the roof top! The perma

Greek Guiding Museum “IRENE KALIGA”

The Greek Guiding Museum hosts the history of Greek Guiding Association (SEO) since its establishment in 1932 up until today. The exhibits include uniforms, guide badges,

Pontus Ladies’ Care Museum

The museum’s main collection bears the title “Embroidering Memory” and was inaugurated on 1st December, 2005. It is an ark of culture and history where, apart from the em

Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki

It is the second multi-purpose Museum in Greece, designed to meet the needs of children aged 4-15 years old and their families. It offers: Study and implementation of edu