Athonos square


  • Coordinates:

    40.634647, 22.944931

Full of life, throughout the day, Athonos Square in the centre of the city is a place loved by, both Thessalonians and tourists alike. Here, food and nutrition plays the leading part. You’ll find spices, all types of tea, nuts, vegetables and fruits, fish, delicatessen products, as well as small boutiques with clothes, handmade accessories, and decoration items. Moreover, your attention will be instantly drawn to the smells of the delicious foods of the Square’s traditional taverns! You can enjoy them both at lunchtime and evening, accompanied occasionally by live greek music. Additionally, in case you want to get acquainted with the traditional side of Athonos Square, visit the picturesque small shops selling handmade wickerwork and small wooden furniture, made by the last remaining skilled craftsmen.