The ZETA-THETA olive oil standardizing and packaging company is a family business with a special love for olive oil.

    In their space they process, standardize and package extra virgin olive oil, which is supplied exclusively for them by small producers who cultivate from cooperating mills. The product is subject to strict and continuous controls by the company and its scientific associates throughout the manufacturing process to ensure its excellent quality.

    The space of standardization is accessible in specific days and hours, upon request. Workshops are organized for the olive oil and its use in Mediterranean cuisine, as well as, the olive oil in the production of natural cosmetics and soaps. Visitors can be informed about the quality of extra virgin olive oil, its qualities, its nutritional value and the conditions of its proper maintenance. Visitors can also experience the whole process (standardization and packaging) … and of course taste different varieties of olive oil and some flavoured olive oils with organic herbs.

    Address: 102 Giannitson str
    Website: https://www.zeta-theta.gr/

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