The Greek Wine Experience


    110000 Vine Hectares, 5000 Wine Labels, 700 Registered Wineries, 300 Grape Varieties
    126 Pdo Regions are in part of the network of The Greek Wine Experience.

    Visitors can “Taste the Experience”! They can discover the diversity and the secrets of the indigenous Greek wines in Thessaloniki, a region known for its fine wines, unique soil and sunshine, a multicultural vibrant city perfectly located and surrounded by numerous great wineries. Visitors have the opportunity to taste excellent and unique wines coming from Greek grape varieties only.

    Their mission is to offer the visitorsThe Greek Wine Experience in a most fun and informative way that may spark an interest in wine for them, or, if already interested, even broadeningthe interest.

    It is a call to discover a whole new world of tastes, aromas, flavors and senses through well-organized wine & vineyard tours, wine tastings, wine museum visits, vineyard picnics with (wine related) fun games, etc.

    The Greek Wine Experiencestaff loves introducing visitors to the local food and wine culture, providing them with in-depth information and secrets of Greek winemaking and Mediterranean Greek cuisine.

    Join The Greek Wine Experience wine & vineyard tours while you are in Thessaloniki and enjoy Greek Wines, Real Taste, Great Living!