Kechris Winery


  • Coordinates:

    40.647897, 22.851460

  • Phone:

    (+30) 2310 751283

  • Fax:

    (+30) 2310 751283

  • Website:

  • Working hours:

    Visits take place from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., by appointment and for a minimum number of 4 persons.

  • Address:

    Olympou Street, Kalochori, Thessaloniki

  • Kind:

    Wineries of Thessaloniki open to the public

KECHRIS Winery & Distillery is a modern family business that specializes in the vinification of high-quality retsina, keeping up a century-long tradition in the production of wines and traditional liqueurs, which are unique in their type.

By drawing inspiration from the family tradition and by applying the most modern winemaking techniques, KECHRIS produces white and red wines, and liqueurs that stand out for their meticulous blending, quality and finesse, having as a strategic goal to redefine retsina and highlight the potential of this rare and unique type of wine in the Greek and international markets.

Today, KECHRIS has an annual production of about 1,200,000 bottles exported in 24 countries all over the world.