Kalamaria, a breath away from the center of Thessaloniki, is today a favorite destination and center of many activities. The airport “Macedonia” is located next to it and gives visitors the possibility of direct access. Its long urban coastline is ideal for walks combined with delicious and traditional dishes in a range of well-known restaurants, fish taverns, steakhouses and cafés or bar-restaurants for a complete outing. As a refugee district, it also has many grocery stores with culinary treasures of the East (cured beef, sausages, perek, etc.)

    he Greek Refugee Square, next to the central and very commercial pedestrian street of the city, the neoclassical mansion called “Palataki”, as well as Aretsous Beach often host events for young and old.On the beach everyone can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim next to the refreshment bar, visit the marina and the summer cinema.

    TΙn the summer months, many concerts and festivals are organized in the city, such as “Parathinoupoli“, the Summer In The City – SKG Music Festival, “Sardella Festival”, traditional festivals and of course, the established music festival “Para thin’ alos”. Events, theatrical performances, exhibitions and speeches are held in all three Municipal Theaters of Kalamaria “Melina Merkouri”, “Stavros Kouyoumtzis” and “Admiral Votsis”.

    There are two nautical clubs active in Kalamaria, the Kalamaria Nautical Sports Club and the Thessaloniki Nautical Club. Their action has a multinational and international scope with the hosting and organization of important nautical sports events.

    On the Mikro Embolo cape and in the area of ​​the former “Kodra” camp, the findings of a prehistoric settlement can be seen. It is an “urban green space of a hyperlocal character”, which also hosts military buildings, designated as monuments and opens its doors to visitors, inviting them to enjoy their walk, exercise, picnic, walk with their pet, and many beautiful events, thus contributing to the upgrading of the quality of life, with the sustainability and viability of the city as the main objective.

    There are several Orthodox churches in the area, some of which meet the blue sea, such as the Chapels of St. Alexander in “Kodra”, Agios Georgios in Nea Krini  and  Agios Nikolaos in the picturesque harbor in Kellarios bay, thus creating a unique and very photogenic visual canvas, also ideal for a seaside wedding. This is because in the landscape there is the feeling of the island atmosphere combined with the comforts of the city.

    A memorial column in the Votsi area reminds us that years ago there was the Campbell Jewish slum, where Greek Jewish families lived after the catastrophic fire in Thessaloniki. In the area of ​​Agios Ioannis, in the Mikras British Cemetery are buried soldiers, nurses and military personnel, who sacrificed their lives hundreds of kilometers away from their homelands. In general, the dense history of Kalamaria is attributed to many central points, squares and memorial parks.

    The Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism (IAPE), which aims to save, preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of refugee Hellenism as a whole, displays and makes all its material available to citizens. With a similar character, the “Christos Kalemkeris” Museum of Photography, which has one of the largest photographic archives in terms of value and content, leaves the visitor with the best impressions. The only “Pharmaceutical Museum” in Greece has been operating since 2007 in the area of ​​Foinikas. In this space you will see rare exhibits and various relics of various types of the pharmaceutical history of Greece, which has been written by significant achievements of the human mind from the 15th century to the present day.

    Important: Accessibility for everyone to roads, municipal services and shops is a priority in the Municipality of Kalamaria.

    More information about the Municipality of Kalamaria here: https://kalamaria.gr  and at https://kalamaria.travel/.

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