Ano Poli/ Kastra/ Agios Pavlos Area



    The panoramic view of the city and the Thermaic gulf during sunset will be an unforgettable experience! You have a wide range of selections:
    Trigoniou Tower
    Ascending to the circular Tower, part of Thessaloniki’s walls, will reward you with the wonderful view it has to offer. Lay back at the area’s picturesque cafés and small taverns. More on Trigoniou Tower here

    Vlatadon Monastery
    It is an UNESCO designated site, with wonderful view to the city and lots of visitors during sundown. It is also a quite popular wedding place among Thessalonians, because it combines history with the beauty of the natural landscape. More on Vlatadon Monastery here. 

    Agiou Pavlou Area
    Ascending OXI Avenue, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful view of the city. The premises of Saint Pavlos temples, the smaller one of Gentlemen’s’ Charitable Fraternity of Thessaloniki and the bigger one a bit further up, are a natural balcony for enjoying the sunset.

    Eptapyrgiou Street
    Thessaloniki on your feet! Wander through the picturesque alleys of Ano Poli, the old houses with the blooming gardens and the unexpected openings to the panoramic view during sunset.