It’s the colors of the Mediterranean sun while fading away into the sea, or the depth of the horizon touching Olympus and the Thermaic gulf waters sparkling from up above, or it’s the shadows of the city walls before sundown that travels you in time, it’s Thessaloniki of the sunset that will make you fall in love and be overwhelmed with feelings, the exact moment that the sun bids farewell to the city. There are good reasons that Thessaloniki is being called “the most erotic city in Greece” and that is the city with great love stories. The beautiful sunset moves around city’s structure and can be enjoyed from numerous spots. Just tune in at sunset time and lay back!


Is there a special way you dream of the most beautiful day of your life? Surely somewhere romantic, with a gorgeous sunset in the background for your wedding photos, foll

Dimitris and Eftihia Ioannides-Tsakirdeki

Chateau mon Bonheur was purchased to express the love of Dimitris Ioannidis Tsakirdekis to his wife Eftihia (Happiness). This emblematic mansion was built in 1890 accordi

Aline Fernandez and Spyros Alibertis

Casa Bianca, the famous mansion currently hosting the Municipal Art Gallery, is associated with the city’s biggest romance, between Aline, the daughter of the Jewish indu


The large waterfront of Thessaloniki provides visitors with refreshing images, the wave bursting on your feet and the sun setting before you! Choose any spot of the coast

Ano Poli/ Kastra/ Agios Pavlos Area

ANO POLI/ KASTRA/ AGIOS PAVLOS AREA The panoramic view of the city and the Thermaic gulf during sunset will be an unforgettable experience! You have a wide range of sele