Panagia Ikosifinissa Monastery


  • Coordinates:

    40.965815, 24.105558

  • Phone:

    (+30) 25920 61566

  • Address:

    On the National Road from Serres to Kavala, close to the border between the two counties

    62047 Proti, Serres

The oldest monastery of Macedonia, fully operating for 16 centuries, in Paggaio Mountain, administratively belonging to the Holy Diocese of Drama.

According to tradition, Bishop Filippon Sozon (who participated at the 1st Ecumenical Council in 451 AD) founded the temple and monastery stays, at Vigla area, 50m east of the Monastery. In 518 AD (or at the end of 8th century, according to a different version) Agios Germanos reached Paggaio Mountain and commenced the monastery’s construction at its current location. During the 11th century the catholicon was re-built and the monastery was declared as a “Stavropigikon”. It was also famous for its large collection of historic and religious relics and books, a large part of which was either destroyed by Bulgarians or was confiscated.