Yedi kule Conquest: Monuments run in Thessaloniki


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    40.644134, 22.961902

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The sports and cultural festival centered on Yedikule, a place identical to the history of Thessaloniki, enables competitors, visitors and spectators to get to know the Eptapyrgio, the old town and experience beautiful moments through routes in its historical alleys and monuments.

The winners of the race, get the key of the castle of Eptapyrgio or Yedi Kule, bringing worthily the title of conqueror of Yedi Kule Conquest for the following year.

The event is organized by SFENDAMOS (Non-Profit Company) with the THESSALONIKI TOURISM ORGANIZATION (T.T.O.) and the support of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of Thessaloniki, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thessaloniki, the Road Traffic Police of Thessaloniki, the K.A.M.E. (movement for open monuments in Greece) and Cafe Aithrio in Yedi Kule, in order to highlight the city’s rich cultural heritage.